As I catch my breath from 2018 and look into 2019, visions of goals are dancing in my head. Last year, I talked about how instead of resolutions, I used themes to guide my way. Themes can evolve through the year as you reach different goals along the way. Or, if you get caught in a rut, you can change course and still make progress (if your theme is Health, you can choose all sorts of things to work on: walk more, eat better, get more sleep, etc.).

This year, I’ve got company! I talked to a few friends about picking their own themes for the year. We’ve scheduled monthly check-in sessions to see how we’re doing and help each other stay on track. We are spread around the country, but thanks to video chats, we’ll get some face time each month.

One friend’s theme is “harness the power of habits.” She’s looking at setting up better routines (meal planning, working out more regularly, sticking to a nighttime routine) with the help of bullet journaling.

Another friend’s theme is “getting ahead.” She’s committed to finally paying off the last of her credit card balances—even earlier than she’d planned when we sat down to work on her cash flow goals last year—and transitioning into funding her long-term goals.

I find that setting themes helps me follow through on more specific financial goals and in living my core values. Tailor your theme to whatever feels right and continue to live life in your own authentic way. Whether it’s reconnecting with friends, planning more travel (day trips count!), or “learning” (say, learning a new language, learning more about American history, or learning how to play an instrument)—you get to choose your direction and create the life you want.

And if setting up a better financial plan is on your list, we are here to help!

One size does not fit all. Your income, expenses and financial goals will vary from your friends, neighbors and colleagues’. From emergency savings to debt reduction, retirement objectives to living for today, and cash flow to insurance needs, your personal financial plan should be tailored to you and fit your needs only. A fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional can help you make the right decisions.

Kelly Luethje is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and founder of Willow Planning Group, LLC. She provides financial education and guidance to help you live life on your terms. Kelly can usually be found on a mountain, or by a lake, working virtually with clients across the country.