What is comprehensive financial planning?

Comprehensive financial planning involves working with a planner over an extended period of time. The time frame is up to you. We will cover areas such as cash flow, debt, savings, investments, taxes, insurance and benefits, and estate planning.

How much is comprehensive planning?

The initial fee starts at $1000. The monthly fee starts at $125 for single plans and $150 for joint plans. Complexities such as owning your own business, receiving stock compensation, and owning rental property will increase the initial and monthly fee by a minimum of $100 and $50, respectively.

How do I prepare for our first meeting?

Kelly will send you a document checklist to gather and upload your information before even scheduling the kick-off meeting.

How long is a typical engagement?

The range of engagements is three months to 3.5 years. On average, clients are 1.5 years into their engagement. (Data as of August 2019.)

What is the average age of your clients? 


Is there is a time commitment (ie: one-year)?

No. We believe in active planning. We meet quarterly to review progress toward goals, updates to your situation and to answer any questions on new things. We also use the time to prioritize action items and create a quarterly roadmap to help guide you.

What if I change jobs and need advice on new salary and benefits – can I call you between meetings?

Yes! The primary goal of ongoing planning is to make adjustments to your plan when your situation changes. We encourage calls and emails between regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. We don’t want to miss anything!

Can service be canceled?

You are free to cancel with 30 days’ notice. Please see our current ADV for more information on fees and canceling services.

Can I start up again if I pause planning and monthly billing?

Yes. The initial and monthly fee will be negotiated depending on the amount of time that has passed and complexity of your situation.

What if I need “basic” advice, like how to open an IRA and/or which investments to choose? Can I schedule an appointment?

We have a topical two-hour planning session for these types of questions. Financial topics will be determined in advance, and we will ask for your documents be provided to Kelly one week before the session. The fee is a flat $600.

Do you offer a one-time financial plan service?

No. We used to to provide this service, but we have found the ongoing recommendations, implementation and monitoring (accountability!) best serves our clients.