Being charitable and giving to things you care about

We often meet with potential and current clients who say they want to give to causes they care about and to implement a more formal charitable giving approach compared to what they’ve done in the past.   This past spring, I completed my capstone course at Bentley University, which consisted of writing a grant for a nonprofit organization in the Waltham area. My classmates and […]

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Back to School Planning

Now that it’s August it feels almost impossible not to be thinking about going back to school whether we like it or not! The summer provides a bit of relief from money and loan talk; I hope this post helps ease the transition. As you consider plans for your child’s education or repaying student loans, I’m outlining a few things that we […]

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Be Prepared, In Case of Emergency

My latest monthly newsletter (sign up here!) focused on several financial rules of thumb that really aren’t one-size-fits-all. So many tried and true approaches just don’t apply to every last one of us — which is exactly why Willow Planning Group focuses on tailoring financial plans to fit each client’s personal financial situation. Many of […]

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