One year ago I was thoughtful about setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year. But it surprised me, pleasantly, that I ended up with three themes. I used post-it notes and a dry erase board for daily reminders of these themes. It changed my thinking and brought me to a place of living in a more deliberate and authentic way.

Evaluating my themes a year later, I can say without hesitation that they also describe my approach as a financial planner. This gave me pause because, I realized, I wasn’t always following my own advice!

Theme 1: Learn and Move On. We’ve all made mistakes. Mistakes that have cost us both our money and our time. Guess what? That’s OK! When you decide to take a more serious look at your finances and ask for some help and guidance, you are learning, and moving on. We can rebuild credit, prioritize debt and create a spending plan that will help you achieve other financial goals and make smart decisions.

Theme 2: Minimize. If I had to choose one theme that guided my daily life most, it has to be to minimize. I took the year to declutter, organize and find better systems within my business and at home. The simple act of clearing off my desk, transferring hand written notes to my CRM, or re-using wrapping paper (one of my favs!) made a huge impact on my day, especially when time wasn’t on my side.

Theme 3: Save. Saving is the most foundational piece of your financial plan. It creates a safety net, supports your next vacation, and helps with starting a new business. Saving is also a process. I know that it can be discouraging if you feel you cannot save. But start with something small, and build from there.

I plan to stay deliberate and authentic for 2018. I challenge you to do the same. Whether it’s a theme, goal or resolution, set it, and reflect on it to help you achieve your personal financial objectives and live your best life.

Kelly Luethje is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and founder of Willow Planning Group, LLC. She provides financial education and guidance to help you live life on your terms. Kelly can usually be found on a mountain, or by a lake, working virtually with clients across the country.