Financial planning
for tech savvy-ish 30- and 40-somethings who live busy lives.

We offer an active and fluid approach to helping you buy a home, plan for children, go on vacation, and save for long-term goals like college and retirement. We help you manage your finances and plan for the things you want to do.

Are we the right fit for you?

Try our step-by-step Money Matters workbook to get started on your own personal financial plan. Set goals, get organized and check-in with yourself. When you are ready to take the next step, schedule a call with us.


I’m Kelly – your personal tailor for your personal finances. I’m a fiduciary, fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I’m independent, unaffiliated from any broker or dealer, and I don’t take commission on any referrals or on products I recommend.

I’m here to help you feel empowered about your money – especially if looking at all the numbers causes you stress. I like getting down to what you REALLY want to do in your life and then helping you make it happen.

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